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Living at the Westwood Place gives you access to a wide range of facilities and amenities to give you premium style living experience. One of the privileges is access at the El Sorrento Sports & Country Club. This is a good place to unwind or take your family or friends for a weekend of relaxation. Aside from the good ambiance, this place has a pool, playground and other offering.

At the Westwood Place, you’ll get the following:

Reliable utilities – Looking for a dwelling place in Tanza with stable electricity, water, phone and Internet access? The Westwood Place has them all. The community has a backup system in case of water interruption. The electric system in this community is also reliable, reducing the chance of a possible power interruption. Depending on your preference, cable, phone and Internet lines are also readily available.

Amenities for sports and entertainment – Do you play tennis or basketball? At the Westwood Place, you don’t have to go far to play as there is a basketball and tennis court accessible to residents. From time to time, residents hold a friendly competition in these courts. Moreover, residents also have access to the Grand Community Clubhouse that can cater to small gatherings. There is also a swimming pool and children’s playground which are a favorite “go to place” by many of the residents during summer or weekends. 

Security and safety features – Having a house inside this gated community gives you more peace of mind, knowing that there are security personnel that make it their business to ensure your safety at all time. Outsiders’ only access is through the grand gate where the guardhouse is situated. Moreover, the roads are also well-lighted so you can easily walk or drive your way through at night. A good drainage system is also in place which does a good job in avoiding flooding in the area.

Other features – There is a long list of things that you’ll like about the Westwood Place. Aside from the obvious facilities and amenities, you’d also enjoy a tranquil environment with a lot of greeneries wherever you look. There are also several landscaped parks and pocket gardens around. Added to that are the friendliness of the people here. You’d really feel you belong to a big community where people support and uphold the bylaws inside the community.

At the Westwood Place, you have a complete package of facilities and amenities that will make your everyday living more fun, more comfortable and more convenient. You could take your kids to the playground for some bonding experience, or spend a day at the swimming pool area especially when hot summer months become unbearable. You could also jog or bike around the community without worrying for your safety.

  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children's Playground
  • Landscaped Parks
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